Product Introductions

PVC of Hegmataneh Petrochemical Company is a suspension type, which due to the type of production line design and modern technology of reactors, has the possibility of degassing and maximum absorption of VCM remaining in the powder. The company has the capacity to produce powder up to 50,000 tons per year. The most prominent powders produced by Hegmataneh Petrochemical Company are medical grades 57, 65, 67, and 70.

Product features

As the powder production unit is specifically designed for the production of PVC resin in medical-grade, the granule unit is also based on medical-grade production.

  • Similar quality to international products
  • Cheaper and easier production and processing than overseas samples
  • Ease of process customization
  • Suitable replacement for plastic and glass parts in hospital equipment
  • Suitable for producing granules with surface resistance
  • Proper for producing granules with high clarity and transparency
  • Production of sterile products
  • High durability
  • Reliability medical products

Product applications

Due to the production ability of this company in the field of producing standard medical grade PVC powder; The granules produced by this company can be used for various purposes in the field of medical equipment, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Blood bags
  • Dialysis bags
  • Oxygen masks
  • Catheters
  • Tracheal tubes trach
  • Peripheral venous catheter
  • Nasal cannulas
  • Tablets and capsules packaging
  • Special usage for extrusion molding and injection

Product advantages

Hegmataneh Petrochemical Company is the leader in the production of standard medical grade PVC powder in the middle east. In this regard, the products of this company have special advantages as following:

  • Withstand temperatures from -40 to 121 degrees Celsius
  • Ability to sterilize with ethylene oxide gas or gamma-ray
  • Chemical stability and non-participation in chemical reaction
  • Use of authorized additives and stabilizers in medical grades
  • Add favorite colors
  • Production in reactors equipped with the latest technology in the world, using machines manufactured by IGS Italy
  • No migration of additives in granule ingredients
  • Low amount of residual VCM in the produced PVC powder
  • High flexibility and durability in temperature changes and usage conditions
  • Crack resistance
  • Impact strength
  • High chemical resistance

HIPC Products Specification
PVC Types

Test method Limits Unit Property
K70 K67 K65
DIN 53726
- K-value
ISO 60
gr/ml Bulk Density
ASTM E 203 2000 max 2000 max 2000 max ppm moisture
ASTM E 3367 30 min 30 min 30 min % Plasticizer Absorption
ASTM E 11 1 max 5 max 5% max 250μm< Particle Size
ASTM E 11 95 min 95 min 95% min 63μm<
IGS 016 1 max 1 max 2 max ppm Residual VCM Content
ISO 1270 0.2 max 0.2 max 0.2 max % Sulfuric Ashes
IGS 020 10max - - No./m Fish eyes (Medical grade)
- Medical Articles Food Packaging Electrical Cables Rigid Profiles - Pipes - Window & Door Frames Rigid Profiles - Pipes - Technical Articles - Applications

HIPC Products Specification
Technical Data Sheet for Medical Grade Compound
Plasticized Type for Extrusion

Control method Limits Unit Property
ASTM D.792
DIN 63479 ISO 1163
ASTM D.2240
DIN 53505 ISO 868
15 sec Shore Hardness
ASTM D.638
DIN 53455 ISO R.527
MPa Tensile Strenght
ASTM D.368
DIN 53455 ISO R.527
% Elongation at breaking
ISO 458/2
Torsion Stiffening Temp. 300 MPa

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