Hegmataneh Petrochemical Company

HPC at a glance

At the beginning of production, Hegmataneh Petrochemical Company has become the only supplier for downstream industries and manufacturer of medical equipment and packaging industries in the field of medical equipment production, in accordance with the latest and most up to dates international standards in Iran and the middle east.

Hegmataneh Petrochemical Company has become the only production unit of standard medical grade polyvinyl chloride in the middle east based on the knowledge of Iranian experts. We are trying to become one of the contenders in this field and major exporters of this strategic material in the world.

Hegmataneh Petrochemical Plant gets in a land area of 15 hectares and in the year 2020 started with the aim of producing PVC in medical-grade, as one of the most widely used polymers in the manufacture of medical equipment, was put into operation in the city of Hamedan.

This company has the latest technology in the world and using the power and expertise of researchers and domestic experts, has the power of polymerization with maximum absorption of residual VCM monomer in the PVC polymer chain. The PVC resin produced by Hegmataneh Petrochemical Company is considered as one of the most widely used resins in medical equipment production. PVC is most used in the production of blood bags, tubes, hospital gloves, dialysis equipment, masks, oxygen delivery equipment, laboratory equipment, and injection molding equipment.